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That Is Super Cool

Thanks to the SuperCooling and SuperFreezing function of the Bosch 324L Bottom Freezer, the temperature can be lowered for a short period of time in order to keep your fresh shopping at the correct temperature. Once the desired temperature is reached the fridge or freezer compartment will return to normal operations.


Airfresh Filter

Thanks to the Airfresh Filter, the antibacterial filter neutralizes odours that are inside the Bosch Bottom Freezer and filters out bacteria. If there are any unpleasant odours in the A++ rated refrigerator, they will be absorbed to ensure that the air remains fresh and clean.

Keep Your Food At A Consistent Temperature

Temperatures inside your Bosch 324L Bottom Freezer can now be kept constant regardless of the outside temperature with Fresh Sense technology. With this intelligent sensor, your food can be preserved at an ideal temperature to achieve more freshness and flavour.

Consistent Cooling

The fan assisted Multi-Airflow system blows gentle currents of cold air throughout the Bosch fridge. Food flavours can now be retained for longer due to fewer temperature fluctuations. With a frost free cooling system, there will be no ice build up, so you never have to defrost refrigerator.


The dimensions of the Bosch 324L Bottom Freezer are H 1860mm x W 600mm x D 660mm.

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