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Product Details

Electronic variable 3+Intensive speed push button control
Extraction mode: A ducting kit is attached to the hood to extract the cooking vapours externally, giving a pleasant kitchen environment, which is free from cooking odours.
Extraction rate of 686m³/h
1 dB(A) noise level: This cooker hood has a maximum noise level of only 1 dB(A) to help maintain a more peaceful kitchen environment.
Recirculation or extraction options
For wall mounting between furniture or as a stand alone unit
Fluid dynamic efficiency class: C
Lighting efficiency class: F
Capacity minimum, m3/h: 256
Capacity, Max m³/h: 537
Capacity intensive, m3/h: 625
Installation: Chimney
Dimensions, HxWxD: 1166-639x598x450
Max distance from cooking top: 50
Max distance from cooking top: 65
Required Fuse: No
Colour: Stainless Steel
Frequency: 50-60
Energy class: C
Grease filter efficiency class: B
Sound power min speed, dB(A): 58
Sound power max speed, dB(A): 72
Sound power intensive, dB(A): 75
Recirc sound power min, dB(A): 67
Recirc sound power max, dB(A): 73
PNC: 942 150 347
Size: 60
Cord Length: 1.5
Voltage: 220-240
Charcoal filter type: TYPE 15
Other comments technical specifications: OUT OF SCOPE for stand by power and off mode power exausting (hood body excluded)= min height 603 mm; max height 1130 mm
Superperforming charcoal filter compatible: SUPCHARC-E, 942 150 224
No. of speed settings: 3+Intensive
Lamp type: Halogen spotlight
No. of lamps: 2
Grease filters: 1
Chimney denomination: n/a

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